The Rigid Grid

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Every time I use Flash, I find that I want to align my symbols, objects, shapes, and text perfectly with as little work as possible. What can I say, I'm a little lazy. To help with that, there is an option in Flash that enables you to view a layout grid on your Stage. Either right-click your Stage and go to Grid > Show Grid, or if you want to be really fast, use CTRL-' on your keyboard.

Look at that! Now you can make sure that all your objects are aligned the way you want them at all times without having to use the Align panel. Oh, did I mention that you can edit the Grid properties by selecting Edit Grid instead of Show Grid? Well, now I have. You can change spacing or color, enable snapping to grid lines, and change the accuracy of snapping, allowing you to be as lazy as you want to be. And it's okay to export while grids are on, because they will not appear in your final movie.

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