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With all the options we're given when we publish our movies, it can be really annoying when you have to change the default settings every time you make a new file. For example, I never use the HTML publish feature. I publish my Flash movie alone and let Dreamweaver do the HTML work. However, HTML is always checked by default, which means I have to uncheck it every time I create a new file. Not anymore!

Go to Publish Settings (CTRL-SHIFT-F12 or OPT-SHIFT-F12) and click the Create New Profile button that has a plus sign on it, name your profile, and click OK. Now choose some formats from the Formats tab, set various options, click the Import/Export button, and choose Export. Now save your profile (it's an XML file) by simply pressing Save. Now you can use that profile over and over to save you the stress and time of remembering all the settings you want and actually setting them.


The only drawback is that your custom profiles are not listed when you start using a new file. You'll have to use the Import/Export button to import one you've saved before. Weird, I know.

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