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This tip only applies to Windows users, so you Mac people can skip right over this one. Let's say you've been working in Photoshop for years. About 95% of your artwork, graphics, and images are saved in PSD format. You go out and purchase Flash MX 2004 and expect to import some of your Photoshop stuff right into your Flash documents. Sorry, not gonna happen. At least not without some help. To import PSD files directly, Flash requires QuickTime. Because Flash MX 2004 works on OS X, and because OS X has QuickTime built in, there's nothing for Mac people to worry about. If you're using Windows, though, you're going to have to grab the latest QuickTime (demo version is free) and install it. When that's done,try to import that PSD file again and you'll be prompted to let QuickTime handle the process. Answer with a polite "Yes" and you're on your way. No need to run any batch conversion utility.



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