New From Template, I Miss You

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New From Template, I Miss You!

Okay, first off, it's a little weird that you miss a meaningless File option in a computer program, but whatever. If you used a lot of templates in Flash MX, you likely noticed that the File > New From Template option is no longer there. In Flash MX 2004, this was replaced with a much more robust new file dialogue. Go to File, then New (CTRL-N or CMD-N on the Mac) to open the New Document window. Here you'll find your standard Flash document under the General tab (what most of you will use), and then a new Templates tab that lists all your precious templates from Flash MX, plus some new and improved ones.


Choosing one of the templates listed and clicking OK will create a new file based on that template, just as you would expect from the old New From Template command in Flash MX. I know you'll miss it, but just thinkit's in a better place now.

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