Bye, Bye Bounding Box

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Maybe I'm on my own here, but when I'm moving an object (Group, Text, or Symbol) around the Stage, the little blue bounding box around it gets on my nerves. It bothers me the most when I'm trying to nudge something around to see what it will look like in position. I have to unselect it each time I want an unobstructed preview and then select it again to move it.

Try this instead: When you select any object, press CTRL-H (Hide Edges) or SHIFT-CMD-E on Mac to make the bounding box invisible. The object is still selected, so you can move it around, but the blue rectangle is hidden. Unfortunately this trick only works for the selected object and is temporary. If you select something else, the bounding box returns, but hey, just keep turning it off when you need to. I think this option should be a setting that sticks, but it's still useful the way it is.

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