Sound Trimming

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Perhaps a friend gave you a great song for you to use in your movie, but you only need the first part, or you want it to fade in and out. Unless you work with sound and music on computers all the time, you may not have the sound-editing software necessary to alter your sound. Here's what you do....

Select the keyframe where you placed the sound and look to the Property inspector. Click the Edit button to bring up Flash's basic sound editor. Here you can trim the sound by dragging the little gray bars on either end of the middle section. Use the stop and play buttons to test your trimming and the Zoom In/Out buttons at the bottom right to change how much of the sound you can see at once. There are even several built-in effects you can apply to your sound. It's no SoundEdit Pro or Rebirth, but it can do enough to get you by.

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