Liquid Variations

Liquid Edition 6 is sold as:

  • Liquid Edition DV

  • Liquid Edition Pro

The important thing to remember here is that the software remains the same in each version; the only difference is the hardware included in the packet. Here is the breakdown:

  • Liquid Edition DV supplied with a standard FireWire card

  • Liquid Edition Pro supplied with a USB DV/Analog converter with input and output sockets for Analog Composite, Component and S-Video, and also 5.1 surround sound. The analog output from this device allows you to monitor real-time previews on an external monitor such as a portable TV set (Figure i.1).

    Figure i.1. The MovieBox 5.1 Pro version allows you to monitor the output when you're developing a surround sound project.


  • If you never need to output your projects directly to VHS or if you never need to capture from VHS, then you probably only need Liquid Edition DV. However, remember that the Pro version offers one very important advantage: It can display Realtime filters and transitions on a TV set without having to be rendered first.

  • The Edition Pro carda special Pinnacle 64 MB AGP card with analog out, supplied with Liquid Edition 5.x (Figure i.2) and the MovieBox Deluxea USB DV/analog converter supplied with Pinnacle Studio (Figure i.3)will both give you access to the analog features of Liquid Edition 6.

    Figure i.2. The ATI Radeon 8500 adapted and rebadged by Pinnacle as the Pro card.

    Figure i.3. The MovieBox. A USB DV/analog converter with a case designed by Porsche no less!

To which version does this book apply?

Software programs change their version numbers in gradual increments over their lifetime (from 1.0 to 6.0, for example). Often, the version numbers change in even smaller increments (from 6.0 to 6.1, to 6.2, and on up to 6.58, or something similar); these smaller increments often represent service packs (once know as bug fixes) and/or patches that allow users to access recently released hardware, such as advanced DVD burners with dual-layer capability.

Historically, these version increments don't significantly change the operation of the program. Therefore, this book applies to any version of Liquid Edition 6.x, where x is the number you have installed on your computer.

Adobe Premiere Translations

Adobe Premiere Pro is another popular NLE program, and many of the terms this program uses are now standard with most NLE users. However, not all of them are used in Liquid Edition, and sometimes the meaning of an identical function may be lost in translation.

To avoid confusion, I provide sidebars throughout this book that translate Liquid Edition features into something Premiere users recognize. For example, transferring media from DV tape to the computer is called digitizing in Liquid Edition and capturing in Adobe Premiere.

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