Differentiating Between Logging and Digitizing

The naming convention Logging and Digitizing throws a lot of people because it is slightly different from the NLE norm, but in fact it's simple to understand.

  • Logging enables you to create a log of what is on your DV/HD tape; this allows you to mark the sections of video you want to digitize.

  • Digitizing is the process of transferring the video from the camera tape to the computer.

Both processes have their own unique place in video editing, and while you might favor using one over the other, inevitably you will end up using both.


  • Logging is not possible with analog input because there is no device control between the analog device and the computer. BetacamSP cameras use an RS422 cable to overcome this, but such devices are relatively rare among home users.

Premiere Translations

Premiere refers to the process of transferring video from the camera to the computer as capturing. In Liquid Edition, this is called digitizing.

Premiere refers to the process of preparing a tape for batch capture as creating a batch list. Liquid Edition prefers to call this logging and creating a logged list.

This can be confusing for users migrating from Premiere, but really it is only the names that have been changed; the actual process is pretty much identical.

Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6 for Windows
Pinnacle Liquid Edition 6 for Windows
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