Saving a Customized Transition

Once you have created the most awesome transition the world has ever seen, you will probably be keen on saving it for future use. You can do this with just a few clicks of your mouse.

To save a customized transition


Switch to the All tab in the Project Browser and create a Folder called FX.


In the newly created FX folder create a Rack called Transitions (Figure 8.50).

Figure 8.50. Creating a place to save your customized FX.


Return to the transition in the Timeline and right-click it, then select Copy from the menu (Figure 8.51).

Figure 8.51. Right-click and select Copy…


Right-click inside the right pane of the Project Browser and select Paste from the menu, and the transition is copied into this Rack for use later in your project (Figure 8.52).

Figure 8.52. …then paste it into your FX Rack.


  • The transition appears in the Rack with its default name. To change this to something you will recognize in the future, right-click the effect and select Rename from the menu.

  • You can also use saved transitions as the default transition. You can find instructions for altering the default transition in the "Changing the Default Transition" section earlier in this chapter.

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