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The available information related to Linux on the mainframe is rapidly changing and new information becomes available every day. Nevertheless, because the topic is new, we put together a selective list of what we think might be of interest to you when starting with a Linux on the mainframe project.

In contrast, the bibliography provides a more comprehensive list.

You can obtain IBM documentation through the IBM Publication Center at: http://www.elink.ibmlink.ibm.com/public/applications/publications/cgibin/pbi.cgi.

The suggested literature includes IBM Redbook publications. To obtain a list of all available Redbook publications about Linux on the mainframe, visit:


For a list of all IBM Redbook publications on Linux, visit:


For other suggested literature, we have either provided a URL where the publication is available for download in a printable format or the ISBN to help you order it through a retailer.

Part 1, "Linux on the Mainframe an Introduction"

Hall, Mark Evolution of IBM's Open-Source Strategy. A Time Line of Linux and Open Source Developments. In: Computerworld from IDG.net, October 2001. Available on Internet: http://www.computerworld.com/softwaretopics/os/linux/story/0,10801,65073,00.html.

Provides a time line of Linux and Open Source developments through 2001 and points to other relevant articles.

Hoskins, Jim, and Bob Frank Exploring IBM eServer zSeries and S/390 Servers: See Why IBM's Redesigned Mainframe Computer Family Has Become More Popular than Ever! Florida: Maximum Press, 8th Edition, 2003. (ISBN: 1-855068-91-3)

Provides a thorough look at mainframe hardware and software.

IBM IBM eServer zSeries 900 and z/OS. IBM Reference Guide, August 2002. (IBM Form Number: G326-3092-03)

IBM's technical guide to the z900 machine and z/OS.

Raymond, Eric S. The Cathedral and the Bazaar. O'Reilly & Associates, February 2001. (ISBN: 0-596001-08-8)

An easy-to-read book for anyone interested in learning how the Open Source community functions. The author is an early community member. From a sociologist's point of view, he explains how the "society" is formed and manages to accomplish tasks that others thought could not possibly happen.

Weiss, George Conditions for Strategic Linux Adoption. Gartner Research Note, May 2002. Available at the Gartner Site: http://www.gartner.com.

Discusses Linux as a enterprise-ready operating system.

Part 3, "Is Linux on the Mainframe for Me?"

Altmark, Alan, and Cliff Laking The Value of z/VM: Security and Integrity. IBM Technical Paper, May 2002. (IBM Form Number: GM13-0145-00)

Provides an overview of the security and integrity characteristics of the z/VM hypervisor.

Alves, L.C, et al. RAS Design for the IBM eServer z900. In: IBM Journal of Research and Development, Volume 46, Numbers 4/5, Jul/Sept 2002, pp. 503 522. Available on Internet:


Amrehn, Erich, et al. Linux on IBM zSeries and S/390: High Availability for z/VM and Linux. IBM Redpaper, 21 June 2002. (IBM Form Number: REDP0220)

Helps planning for and installing a high-availability solution for Linux for zSeries running under z/VM. Discusses the high-availability possibilities of a Linux for zSeries environment.

Geiselhart, Gregory, et al. Linux on IBM zSeries and S/390: Cloning Linux Images in z/VM. IBM Redpaper, 3 September 2002. (IBM Form Number: REDP0301)

Detailed how-to description of a cloning implementation.

Ogden, Bill, and Bill White Getting Started with zSeries Fibre Channel Protocol. IBM Redpaper, 13 August 2002. (IBM Form Number: REDP0205)

Helps you understand the concepts of zSeries Fibre Channel Protocol support and shows how various SCSI devices can be configured to build a zSeries FCP environment.

Schneier, Bruce Applied Cryptography. Protocols, Algorithms and Source Code. C. John Wiley & Sons, 2nd. Edition, 1995. (ISBN: 0-471117-09-9)

A comprehensive guide to modern day cryptography. Guides the user as well as the professional cryptographer through the algorithms, uses, and applications needed to secure data and communications.

Thomas, Stephen SSL and TLS Essentials: Securing the Web. John Wiley & Sons, 2000. (ISBN: 0-471383-54-6)

An introduction to Secure Socket Layer technology providing an end-to-end view of the technology behind e-commerce and the Web.

White, Bill, et al. zSeries HiperSockets. IBM Redbook. (IBM Form Number: SG24-6816)

This book offers a broad description of the architecture, microcode function, and operating systems support of HiperSockets. It enables you to plan and install a HiperSockets network.

Ziegler, Robert Linux Firewalls. New Riders Publishing, 1999. (ISBN: 0-735709-00-9)

Provides guidance for single- and multiple-system firewall solutions using Linux, along with the basics of packet filtering and the DMZ. In addition, aspects of basic system hardening, intrusion detection, and system monitoring are covered.

Zwicky, Elizabeth, Simon Cooper, and Brent Chapman Building Internet Firewalls. O'Reilly & Associates: 2nd Edition, June 2000. (ISBN: 1-565928-71-7)

A general guide to firewall technology. Introducing various network communications, why they need to be protected and how to build a firewall to do the job.

Part 4, "Making the Most of Linux on the Mainframe"

Compaq Business Value Methodology in Support of Networked Storage Architectures. Compaq White Paper. Prepared by Enterprise Storage Group Compaq Computer Corporation. February 2002. Available on Internet: ftp://ftp.compaq.com/pub/products/storageworks/whitepapers/15ZV-1201A-WWEN.pdf.

Explains the various types of network-based storage methods (for example, NAS, SAN). It is not specifically about Linux, but it lays out much of the terminology in an understandable way. It also shows how a slavish approach to TCO/ROI might lead one to wrong conclusions on the best approach to solve storage needs.

Geiselhart, Gregory, Tung-Sing Chong, and Michael Donovan Cloning Linux Images in z/VM. IBM Redpaper, 03 September 2002. (IBM Form Number: REDP0301)

In a LinuxWorld demonstration, IBM created thousands of Linux images averaging one new image per minute. This Redpaper gives an insight into exactly what those images could do and how the cloning process was managed.

IBM Large Systems Performance for IBM eServer zSeries and S/390. Available on Internet: http://www.ibm.com/servers/eserver/zseries/lspr/.

Explains the background of the Large Systems Performance Report process. Includes descriptions of the workloads as well as a recent set of measurements. The document is typically updated as new mainframe processors become available.

NTP Software Do you need a Storage Management Policy? NTP Software White Paper, Rev. 2.1, August 2001. Available on Internet: http://www.ntpsoftware.com/WhitePapers/docs/DoYouNeedAStoragePolicy.pdf.

This white paper argues that companies' crucial data call for explicit storage management policies to guide the organizational interaction with these data. The paper also explores how to formulate policy in a way that makes people comply with it.

Ogden, Bill, and Bill White Getting Started with zSeries Fibre Channel Protocol. IBM Redpaper, 13 August 2002. (IBM Form Number: REDP0205)

Gives a description on how to set up the SCSI over FCP environment for Linux on the mainframe.

Rayns, Chris, et al. Linux on zSeries and S/390: System Management. IBM Redbook, 04 December 2002. (IBM Form Number: SG24-6820)

Explains the "how to" aspects of Linux-on-the-mainframe systems management. Apart from a description of IBM Tivoli, this book provides descriptions of CA and BMC tools that are written by technical people from the respective companies.

Part 5, "Running Applications"

IBM Porting UNIX Applications to Linux. Hints and Tips. IBM Technical Paper, January 2002. (IBM Form Number: GM13-0115)

Provides hands-on information and practical tips for those interested in the technical aspects of porting an application to Linux on the mainframe.

Wahli, Ueli, et al. Enterprise Integration with IBM Connectors and Adapters. IBM Redbook, 22 February 2002. (IBM Form Number: SG24-6122)

Explores how IBM connectors and adapters can be used to solve the integration problems many enterprises face when deploying e-business solutions. The book uses scenarios to show how to use a J2EE connector with an existing application and how a J2EE connector or the MQSeries Adapter Offering can be used in creating a new application.

Wakelin, Phil, et al. Java Connectors for CICS: Featuring the J2EE Connector Architecture. IBM Redbook, 22 March 2002. (IBM Form Number: SG24-6401)

A practical guide with technical details for integrating Java applications with CICS back-ends. The book explores several possibilities, with a focus on the J2EE Connector Architecture. It includes comprehensive code samples.

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