22.4 Linux kernel debugging tools

Of course, tools exist for Linux (kernel) debugging that we did not introduce here. Some of these tools are already ported to Linux for S/390 or Linux for zSeries; others are not. However, this can change quickly as new tools are developed and proven tools are ported every day. In Table 22-3 we list some of the interesting current Linux projects that may ease (kernel) debugging on Linux now or in the future:

Table 22-3. Linux kernel debugging projects


Where available

Description and location

Linux system RAS


The mission of this project is to expand acceptance of Linux on enterprise-class systems through improved reliability, availability, and serviceability.



Linux Tracing Toolkit: LTT provides you with all the information required to reconstruct a system's behavior during a certain period of time.



Dynamic Probes is a generic and pervasive debugging facility that will operate under the most extreme software conditions, such as debugging a deeply rooted operating system problem in a live environment.




The built-in kernel debugger for Linux is part of the Linux kernel and provides a means of examining kernel memory and data structures while the system is operational.

Event logging


Platform-independent event-logging facility for the Linux operating system and applications, which offers capabilities and features comparable to event- and error-logging facilities found in enterprise-class, UNIX-based operating systems.

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