Part II Review Questions

  1. What are the buttons at the top of the Inbox view? See "Buttons" in Chapter 6.

  2. What do the various views in the Mail file allow you to do? See "Views" in Chapter 6.

  3. How do you change the importance of an e-mail? See "Delivery Options" in Chapter 7.

  4. What does the Paperclip icon on the Toolbar do? See "Working with Attachments" in Chapter 7.

  5. Where can you turn on spell checking? See "Mail Preferences Menu" in Chapter 8.

  6. What can the Out of Office Agent do for you? See "Out of Office Agent" in Chapter 8.

  7. How can you create an e-mail that you can use repeatedly? See "Stationery" in Chapter 8.

  8. What are some of the ways you can reply to an e-mail? See "Replying to Messages" in Chapter 9.

  9. How can you change an e-mail into a To Do? See "Copying Messages" in Chapter 9.

  10. Oops! You've deleted an e-mail you needed to keep, how do you get it back? See "Deleting Messages" in Chapter 9.

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