Many people helped in the creation of this book. The authors wish to thank the major reviewers: Simon Black, Robert Bruen, Victor Garza, John Viega, and Dan Seth Wallach for their attention to detail and helpful input. In specific areas we greatly appreciated the insight and comments of Simon Blake-Wilson (authentication), Russ Housley (TKIP and CCMP), Nancy Cam-Winget (key hierarchy), Bernard Aboba (access control), Henry Haverinen (public access), and Mike van Opstal and Adam Sulmicki (configuration issues).

We are grateful for the cheerful but persistent support of our commissioning editor Jessica Goldstein and the work of the Addison-Wesley production team, Elizabeth Ryan, Elizabeth Collins, Maria Coughlin, and Rob Mauhar.

We also wish to acknowledge the work of IEEE 802.11 Task Group 'i' members in creating the security solutions that we have been able to document.

Finally, Jon would like to acknowledge his wife Margaret for her quiet but strong support, and Bill would like to thank his family for their understanding and support while completing this book.

Jon Edney, 2003

William A. Arbaugh, 2003
Department of Computer Science
University of Maryland, College Park

Real 802.11 Security(c) Wi-Fi Protected Access and 802.11i
Real 802.11 Security: Wi-Fi Protected Access and 802.11i
ISBN: 0321136209
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2005
Pages: 151

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