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This IBM® Redbook will help the reader plan for, install, and configure the new IBM Lotus® Domino® 6.5 product on a zSeries® system running Linux. We discuss why you should consider running Domino for Linux on zSeries, and list the advantages of running Linux in a guest under z/VM®. We then describe the structure of running Domino for Linux on zSeries for those who are not familiar with all of those products, and review what is new in Domino 6.5, since this is the first release that is supported on Linux on zSeries.

We provide detailed technical information on planning, allocating, and managing disk space, network considerations, installing Linux and Domino, and administering Domino. We also discuss systems management, capacity planning and performance tuning, connectivity to DB2®, migration from previous Domino releases or Domino servers on other platforms, and troubleshooting.

This redbook is targeted to zSeries systems programmers, Domino administrators, consultants, and service technicians.

The team that wrote this redbook

This redbook was produced by a team of specialists from around the world working at the International Technical Support Organization, Poughkeepsie Center.

Mike Ebbers is the project leader for this redbook (which was developed with generous help from the authoring team that follows). Mike is a consulting IT Specialist at the International Technical Support Organization (ITSO), Poughkeepsie Center. He has been with IBM for 29 years, spending ten years in technical marketing, eleven years in technical education, and eight years in the ITSO. He leads redbook projects on Lotus products and on IBM products such as workflow and imaging.

Faheem Ashraf is an advisory IT specialist with Server Group zSeries from Denmark. He holds a masters degree in Science from Technical University of Denmark. He has worked at IBM for seven years and has more than five years of experience with Domino on zSeries. His current responsibilities include zSeries pre-sale support for Nordics. His areas of expertise include Domino installation and administration, as well as migration and consolidation to Domino on zSeries.

Wanda Brewster is a consulting IT Specialist with the Domino for zSeries team in the Washington Systems Center. She has worked at IBM for 25 years and has more than 10 years of experience with Domino and Notes®. Her areas of expertise include Domino installation and administration, and migration from and coexistence with legacy office systems such as OfficeVision/VM, OfficeVision/MVS, and DISOSS.

Dr. Andreas Gallus is an IT Specialist for IBM Global Services in Hamburg, Germany. He has over five years of experience in Domino, along with UNIX® and z/OS®. He holds a Ph.D. in Physics from University of Heidelberg. His areas of expertise include Domino infrastructure and administration, as well as planning for and performing Domino server migrations (R4 to R5, R4/R5 to Domino 6), and consolidation to Domino for zSeries.

Chris Henry is a senior IT specialist from Milwaukee working in Field Support Services. He has been with IBM for 11 years, joining as part of the Lotus acquisition. Before joining Field Support services, he supported the Softswitch product line in the field, as well as Notes and Domino. He has extensive experience with most messaging solutions on the market, including Exchange, Groupwise, cc:Mail, OfficeVision, and SMTP messaging. Prior to joining IBM, he spent 12 years working in operations and as a senior systems programmer supporting the VM and MVS operating systems. He also has a background in UNIX and Linux. His areas of expertise include Domino installation, messaging, and Domino transaction logging, and he has presented extensively on Domino transaction logging and backup solutions.

Danny Lawrence is the president of Tiassa Technologies, Inc., an IBM Business Partner concentrating on Lotus Notes® and Domino infrastructure, deployment, and management. He has been working Notes and Domino since 1993, specializing in infrastructure and deployment issues, with a special interest in Notes security. He has published several articles in trade magazines.

Cathleen Fox Leger is an Advisory Software Engineer with IBM Technical Support in North Reading, MA. She has over eight years of experience with IBM/Lotus Domino, and previous experience in enterprise IT management. She holds a B.A. degree from the College of St. Rose, Albany, N.Y., along with diplomas from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland and the Institute for Computer Studies, Toronto, Ontario. Her current focus is on providing world-class Domino for zSeries technical support to her customer and internal contacts. Cathleen has written and reviewed many technical documents in the Lotus Software Knowledge Base.

Brian Macfaden is an IBM eServer Consultant in the United Kingdom. He has 26 years of experience in IBM. He worked as a project leader at the ITSO for five years, where he produced four Redbooks on Domino for S/390®. He has also presented on Domino for S/390 around the world. He currently provides technical pre-sales support to customers across IBM's server and storage range, advising on optimizing the IT infrastructure and cost of ownership. Brian holds a degree in Mathematics from Oxford University.

Mike MacIsaac performs marketing technical support on IBM zSeries, focusing on Linux and z/VM. He has worked on or led many redbook projects.

Elsie Ramos is a Senior IT Specialist for IBM Global Services in Poughkeepsie, N.Y. She holds a M.S. degree in Computer Science from Pace University. She has worked at IBM for 20 years, and has 10 years of experience with Lotus Notes/Domino and with VM Support. She has seven years of experience in the deployment of Domino on zSeries, starting from November 1996 when the first pilot server was installed in Poughkeepsie. Her areas of expertise also includes Domino administration on various platforms including AIX®, OS/2, Windows®, and Linux.

Don Robbins is a Systems Engineer for Velocity Software in the US. He has 18 years of experience in the VM, UNIX and Linux fields, and specializes in performance. He previously contributed to the redbook Linux on IBM zSeries and S/390: Performance Measurement and Tuning, SG24-6926.

Barton Robinson is president of Velocity Software, Inc. He began working with VM in 1975, specializing in performance starting in 1983. His previous publication experience includes the IBM publication VM/HPO Tuning Guide, the Velocity Software publication VM/ESA Tuning Guide, and the IBM Redbooks Linux on IBM zSeries and S/390: ISP/ASP Solutions, SG24-6299, and Linux on IBM zSeries and S/390: Performance Measurement and Tuning, SG24-6926. He is the author and developer of ESAMAP and ESATCP. If you can't measure it, I'm just not interested!

Special thanks to the following people for working with the authoring team:

Sreehari Haridevara has been with IBM Global Services for more than six years, working on Domino on zSeries. He piloted, and currently supports, the first production Domino on Linux on zSeries server at IBM.

Jeff Wells has been working with Linux on zSeries for more than three years. He currently supports various production applications including Domino for Linux on zSeries.

Thanks to the following people for their contributions to this project:

Roy Costa
Rich Conway
Bob Haimowitz
Dave Bennin
International Technical Support Organization, Poughkeepsie Center

Bill Bitner
Romney White
IBM Endicott

Rob van der Heij
IBM Netherlands

Don Corbett
IBM Poughkeepsie

Laura Bostian
Thomas Bradley
Gary Chapman
Jim Dewan
Clark Goodrich
Wu W Huang
Domino development on zSeries, IBM Poughkeepsie

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IBM Lotus Domino 6. 5 for Linux on zSeries Implementation
IBM Lotus Domino 6.5 for Linux on Zseries Implementation
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