7.10 Avoiding install problems

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7.10 Avoiding install problems

In this section we mention some of the installation problems that can occur.

Cleaning up if setup fails

If your setup fails for some reason, or if you want to set up the server again, execute the following steps from notesdata directory to avoid problems when re-running the Domino server setup:

  • Copy the saved skeleton notes.ini.orig to notes.ini.

  • Remove names.nsf (if any).

  • Remove admin4.nsf (if any).

  • Remove setupdomwizard.nsf (if any).

  • Remove the server ID and certifier ID created during previous setup session

Do not install Domino on a non-supported Linux

If Domino is installed on a version of Linux on zSeries that does not support epoll I/O readiness facility, the following error message will be displayed and Notes client sessions will not be able to connect to the server.

     This Linux kernel does not have the required epoll I/O readiness notification facility     Listener task exited: Failed to create an IOCP port 

See 2.6, "Linux planning and customizing" on page 20 for how to check whether epoll is installed.

Invoking install by using the current script.dat file

The script.dat file supplies values used by the install code (incremental versus full installs).The install code checks for the correct version. Make sure you are using the version of the script.dat file that came with your current Domino version.

Other Linux processes

Linux for zSeries may automatically start processes that will interfere with the Domino Server:

  • Apache Web server

  • SMTP

Close down these process if you experience any problems.

Have enough disk space

You could exceed your DASD space either during installation of the Domino server or as the data directories grow over time. Use your zSeries systems management and capacity planning teams to ensure that you do not run out of disk space.

Do not start Domino as root

If you try to start the server as root, Domino will not let you; see Figure 7-38 on page 167.

start figure

 linuxb:/#cd domservb linuxb:/domservb #cd notesdata linuxb:/domservb/notesdata #/opt/lotus/bin/server -jc -c Do not run Domino as root. linuxb:/domservb/notesdata # 

end figure

Figure 7-38: Start of Domino server as root

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