Chapter 12 -- Tracking Projects and Schedules

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Chapter 12

To assess project status at a glance, you can create any of several project schedule diagrams in Visio. Scheduling is perhaps the most crucial aspect of the project management process, and Visio can help you plan and document tasks with simple-to-use shapes. Coordinating multiple tasks and resources over a period of time is daunting enough without the struggle many complicated project scheduling tools put you through. Of course, some projects demand a highly sophisticated scheduling tool. But for everyday use, Visio provides enough power to track tasks, dates, and dependencies, and the resulting diagrams are well suited for display on a Web site or presentation slide.

This chapter tells you how to use the vastly improved project scheduling templates in this version of Visio to create time-lines, calendars, PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique) charts, and Gantt charts.

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