Chapter 1 -- Getting Started with Visio

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Chapter 1

Microsoft Visio Standard and Microsoft Visio Professional 2002 provide a broad range of diagramming solutions that help people visualize and communicate ideas, information, and systems. You don't need to be a professional illustrator or drafter to get professional results with Visio. Whether you need a simple flowchart or a multiple-page, highly detailed technical drawing, you can get up to speed quickly by dragging and dropping predefined shapes. Visio includes thousands of SmartShapes symbols that allow you to easily assemble business diagrams, technical drawings, and information technology models. Automatic layout and alignment tools provide design assistance that ensures professional results.

As a member of the Microsoft Office XP family of applications, Visio is designed to complement Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. Visio diagrams stand on their own or increase the impact of your Office documents. This chapter introduces key concepts and the different versions of Visio, lists new features, and helps you get started working efficiently with this powerful application.

Microsoft Visio Version 2002 Inside Out
Microsoft Visio Version 2002 Inside Out (Inside Out (Microsoft))
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