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Nanette J. Eaton is an award-winning software writer who spent five years on the inside at Visio Corporation as a senior technical writer and managing Web editor. In her 15 years with the software industry, she has written more than 20 programmer guides and user manuals for business professionals and software developers.

For over a decade, Resources Online has been creating and delivering content for companies and organizations via the Web, interactive CD-ROMs, traditional electronic media, and print. The company offers in-house expertise in all aspects of content creation and delivery—Web design, production, and maintenance; broadcast-quality video production and digital post-production; animation design and creation; audio production and post-production; streaming media; technical development of interactive Web sites and CD-ROMs; print production; and creative services such as writing for books, instructional and marketing material, and video scripts.

Microsoft Visio Version 2002 Inside Out
Microsoft Visio Version 2002 Inside Out (Inside Out (Microsoft))
ISBN: 0735612854
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2000
Pages: 211
Authors: Nanette Eaton

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