Chapter 23 -- Defining Styles, Patterns, and Colors

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Chapter 23

If you open a Visio template and drag Visio master shapes onto a page to create a diagram, you typically don't need to think much about styles, patterns, or colors. Most everything is formatted for you—styles are already included in the template, and an instant color scheme is only a click away. If you're not content with the options Visio provides, however, you have a lot of leeway to customize, as this chapter describes.

When you want to change the way a shape looks, you probably click a formatting button. However, styles give you a faster way to consistently format all the shapes in a diagram. Shape designers need to understand style theory as well. What if a formatting button doesn't include a satisfactory pattern or the exact color you want? This chapter goes inside Visio style theory and explains how to customize styles, patterns, and even colors and color palettes.

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