Chapter 18 -- Laying Out Floor and Site Plans

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Chapter 18

Whether you're trying to make the setup of your manufacturing plant more efficient or just documenting the office seating chart, Visio is a great tool for floor and site plans. Visio Standard includes a limited number of shapes specifically designed for creating office layouts, but you can, in fact, create a building shell for any purpose using its wall shapes. Visio Professional includes many more shapes for depicting home plans, manufacturing plants, office space, and all the related building services, such as heating and cooling systems, plumbing lines, and electrical layouts.

The shapes and templates for creating building plans were designed for simplicity. Anyone can create an accurate, to-scale floor plan if they measure and draw carefully. At the same time, if you have a background in architecture, construction, or engineering, you're more likely to know how to design a good plan. If you don't have that background, you'll need to look elsewhere to fill in the gaps, but with this chapter you will learn how to take advantage of the tools that Visio offers.


Some of the techniques, shapes, and commands described in this chapter are available only in Visio Professional. A note appears when this is the case.

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