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If you look under the Graphics category, you will find a Digital Camera tool. This tool can interface with a digital camera, including a Web camera, that you might have attached to your computer. This application, shown in Figure 14.20, is relatively easy to use.

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Figure 14.20: The Digital Camera tool.

The first step is to set up a camera. To do this you must first have the camera attached to your computer. Then you can go to Camera and select Add Camera. You will see the screen shown in Figure 14.21. You can enter all of the specific details about your camera here, or you can press the Detect button and have the application attempt to detect your camera.

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Figure 14.21: Configuring your camera.

Once your camera is connected and configured, when you take shots with it, they will appear in this application, and you can then choose to save or delete them. And of course if you do save them on your PC, you can use one of the other applications we have covered in this book to either e-mail or fax the picture to any interested parties.

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