Setting Up a Web Server on a Macintosh

The Mac version of Dreamweaver 8 requires Mac OS X 10.3.x or Mac OS X 10.4.x. If you are developing Web applications with Dreamweaver in a Mac environment and you want to use a local Web server, your choice is easy! Apache is the only option. It is preinstalled in Mac OS X, and all you need to do is turn it on.

To set up Apache on a Mac:


From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences.


In the System Preferences window, select Sharing (Figure 1.16).

Figure 1.16. Click the Sharing icon in the System Preferences window.


On the Sharing pane, select Personal Web Sharing (Figure 1.17).

Figure 1.17. Select Personal Sharing on the Sharing pane.


Test your Apache setup by opening Safari and typing http://localhost in the Address field. The Apache test page will open (Figure 1.15).


  • Mac OS X uses Apache 1.3.

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