List of Tables

Chapter 2: Understanding Types, Variables, and Statements

Table 2-1: Fancy Numerical Notation
Table 2-2: JavaScript Escape Sequences
Table 2-3: JavaScript Type Conversion Functions
Table 2-4: JavaScript Arithmetic Operators (in Addition to Standard Arithmetic Operators)
Table 2-5: Boolean Operators
Table 2-6: JavaScript Comparison Operators

Chapter 3: Using Conditional Statements

Table 3-1: Conversion to Boolean
Table 3-2: iplay Values and Conditionals

Chapter 5: Understanding Functions

Table 5-1: The First Numbers in the Fibonacci Series

Chapter 6: Programming with Arrays

Table 6-1: Zero-Based Index and Array Elements
Table 6-2: Index and Element Values for trekArray
Table 6-3: A Two-Dimensional Table of Data (a Matrix)
Table 6-4: The Two-Dimensional Table of Data with Index Coordinates
Table 6-5: Return Values for a Custom Sort Function That Accepts the Arguments a and b

Chapter 7: Working with Objects

Table 7-1: Built-in JavaScript Object Types

Chapter 8: Understanding Events and Event-Driven Programming

Table 8-1: . Objects and Associated Event Handlers
Table 8-2: Events and Their Triggers
Table 8-3: Selected Non-Explorer (Mozilla and Netscape) Event Object Properties
Table 8-4: Time-Related Methods

Chapter 9: Manipulating Strings

Table 9-1: Selected String Object Manipulation Methods
Table 9-2: Selected HTML Generation Methods of the String Object
Table 9-3: String Object Regular Expression Methods
Table 9-4: Regular Expression Characters and Character Sequences, and Their Matches
Table 9-5: Character Class Sequences and Their Meanings
Table 9-6: Syntax for Repeating Pattern Elements
Table 9-7: Alternation, Grouping, and Reference Characters

Chapter 11: Programming with JavaScript

Table 11-1: Standard HTML Element (Including Image Object) Mouse Events
Table 11-2: Image Objects Events
Table 11-3: Graphics Files Used in the Rollover Example

Learn How to Program Using Any Web Browser
Learn How to Program Using Any Web Browser
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