Section 10.5. Getting a Client Manager Account

10.5. Getting a Client Manager Account

A client manager AdWords account is an umbrella account that allows you to access as many as 1,000 different AdWords accounts using a single window (Figure 10-36).

Figure 10-36. If you are responsible for managing multiple AdWords accounts, it's a great convenience to be able to link all the AdWords accounts in a single client manager account

Client manager accounts are primarily intended for advertising professionals who manage multiple AdWords accounts on behalf of clients, but Google also uses the client manager account window for other purposes. For example, the first step to getting a Google AdWords API developer key is to sign up for a client manager account (see Chapter 13).

To sign up for a client manager account, open the URL in your browser. Next, click the Want to Become a Google Advertising Professional link. The Enrollment page will open.

In the Enrollment page, enter your existing AdWords logon information (Figure 10-37).

Click Continue Enrollment. In the next window (Figure 10-38), you provide an email address and password for managing accessing your My Client Center. The email address cannot be the same as the one for your existing AdWords account.

A client manager account acts as a container for multiple AdWords accounts (just as each AdWord client account is a container for Ad Campaigns, which in turn are containers for Ad Groups). Besides making it easier to manage multiple AdWords accounts, client manager accounts provide a number of other benefits, including the ability to enroll in the Google Advertising Professional program (see box below) and a special tab providing access to Google AdWords API developer key and quote information (see Chapter 13) once you've enrolled in the developer program.

Figure 10-37. To sign up for a client manager account, you need an existing AdWords account

Figure 10-38. The sign-up process emphasizes that you must provide an email address to access your client manager account that is different from the one used for your AdWords account

Becoming a Google Advertising Professional

Google Advertising Professionals is a program offering certifications, tools, training, and incentives for those who manage multiple AdWords accounts (and numerous AdWords Campaigns) on behalf of multiple clients. It is intended for professional advertising managers.

You can learn more about the program at the Google Advertising Professional's welcome page, In order to enroll in the program, you'll need to first get a client manager account.

The benefits to advertising professionals include:

  • A professional certification program for program members who pass an exam and spend at least $1000 per month on Google advertising

  • Professional visibility for program members who are certified via a referral program

  • Promotional goodiesincluding cash discountsto give away to advertising clients

  • Promotional materials that program members can use to help sell potential clients on the benefits of the AdWords program

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