Wireless Networking Kits

A number of companies produce wireless networking kits. These kits are essentially a bundle containing an access point, a wireless PC Card or wireless USB connector, software drivers, and instructions.

These network kits cost less than $100 at a discount retailer. The Netgear WGB511 is an example. It bundles an 802.11g access point/router with an 802.11g PC Card.

Nothing is particularly wrong with these networking kits, but they don't get you very farparticularly if you already have a laptop using Intel Centrino mobile technology. Because you already have wireless connectivity for this mobile computer, you certainly don't need a wireless card or USB connector for it.

Don't get me wrongI'm all for anything that will make life simpler for you. But in this case, wireless networking kits don't bring much to the party. You can start with one of them and expand your network later if you want. Still, it is no more complicated to buy an access point on your own and create your own "kit."

There is one situation in which a wireless networking kit does make sense. Let's say you have an old laptop in the house in addition to the new Centrino-based computer you just purchased. You would like to give the older laptop to a spouse or your kids, and of course want it to be connected to the Internet by wireless. The bundle gives you the access point/router you need in any case, and the card for the old laptop.

Anywhere Computing with Laptops. Making Mobile Easier
Anywhere Computing with Laptops. Making Mobile Easier
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