STEP 09 freezing motion FOR EFFECT

Right after the opening move, we quickly cut to a slower-paced view of the CPU. This gives the viewer the chance to see the computer in its entirety, and hopefully catch the reference to the Internet (the "www" in the middle of the monitor's screen). At this point in the movie, we've employed a useful production technique that's worth noting: using the Single Frame Play Mode of an instance of a symbol. Remember that the symbol has its own Timeline, which is independent of the main stage's Timeline. All we're doing is freezing the symbol at a point in its Timeline, so we can animate with it as a static object on the main Timeline, which keeps animating. Here's how we made the move, employing the Single Frame Play Mode:

  1. In the 3D model layer, place a keyframe where you want the animation segment to begin.

  2. Drag out an instance of the 3D model from the Library onto the keyframe.

  3. Choose Modify > Instance to open the Instance Properties dialog.

  4. In the Definition panel of the Instance Properties dialog, select the Single Frame Play Mode option and enter the number of the frame you want to display in the First Frame field. In this case, we chose frame 7 to show the front of the CPU (see (see figure 05:17).

    Figure 05:17.


  5. Create a second keyframe 10 frames or so past the first.

  6. In the first keyframe (created in step 1), select cpu_rotate and use the Scale tool to reduce it to approximately one-third the size of the stage.

  7. In this same keyframe, use the Rotate tool to rotate cpu_rotate +10 degrees.

  8. Go to the symbol's second keyframe, scale it two- thirds the size of the stage, and rotate it 10 degrees.

    Naturally, the sizes and degrees listed here are just suggestions and are similar to those used in the original spot. The values you choose are dependent upon your movie and design choices.

  9. Select the first keyframe again and choose Insert > Create Motion Tween.

When the movie is played , the CPU appears to grow toward the camera while spinning slightly; figure 05:18 shows how this looks against the background used in the Intel Pentium III spot.

Figure 05:18.


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