STEP 08 naming movie clip INSTANCES

Because we're going to issue actions that will control the two different movie clips (stopping one, starting the other), it's essential that you name both instances of the movie clips uniquely. Naming the instances of the movie clips allows Flash actions to be targeted to each specific instance. In other words, when the user rolls over the button, an action will be given both to stop filmclip1 and start playing daveclip1.

  1. Select the film layer.

  2. From the library, drag to the stage an instance of filmclip1 and center align it using the Align tool.

  3. Select the instance of the first movie clip by clicking on the keyframe, which you just placed in the main movie's Timeline.

  4. Choose Modify > Instance or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-I / Cmd-I.

  5. In the Instance Properties dialog, enter a unique name in the Instance Name text field found on the Definition tab. Name it filmclip1 as shown in figure 04:20. Click OK.

    Figure 04:20.


  6. Repeat steps 15 for the second movie clip with the following differences:

    • Drag the instance of daveclip1 to the dave layer.

    • In the Instance Properties dialog, name this instance daveclip1.

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