STEP 14 bringing it all TOGETHER

You may notice that almost all the work so far has been accomplished in the Timeline for the Library symbols rather than in the Timeline for the main stage. Working with symbolseven creating full animationsmakes the final layout far easier and much more adjustable. If I built the word animations on the main stage, so to speak, and the client wants me to move each word further apart, it would be a hasslefor both of us.

The process now is to simply add the necessary frames for the total animation and to add and position the animated Library symbols.

  1. On the Timeline for Scene 1, add enough frames to have 60 total frames for all layers .

  2. From the Library, drag out an instance of the "macromedia" symbol onto the macromedia layer.

  3. Drag the playhead across the frames until the entire word is visible.

  4. Using the guides, position the word so that it is flush to the left border, slightly above the center line, as shown in figure 02:26.

    Figure 02:26.


  5. Select the "macromedia" symbol and choose Modify > Instance and set the Instance Properties to play once (see figure 02:27).

    Figure 02:27.


  6. On the same frame on which the macromedia animation ends, and the word is fully visible, create a keyframe on the shockzone layer.

  7. Repeat steps 36 for the shockzone layer, using the "shockzone" symbol and positioning it so that it is flush right and slightly below the center line.

Test your animation by moving the playhead back and forth across the Timeline or by choosing Control > Test Movie. You should see the words being animated letter by letter.

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