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       advantages of   2nd  
large-format presentation boards   2nd  
       impact of   2nd  
       LundstromARCH project  
layer based  
Layer Properties dialog  
layers setup
       Macromedia Shockzone   2nd   3rd  
       fading and scaling   2nd   3rd  
Library symbols   2nd  
license-free digital video Web sites  
limitations in web environment  
Line Color button  
line object, creating  
line objects
       controlling   2nd  
Load Movie dialog  
Load Variables option (Load Movie dialog)  
locking layers  
logo object, creating  
logo objects
loop sites  
looping clips
       creating   2nd   3rd  
loopZ Web site  
LundstromARCH project
       executing animation  
       exporting FreeHand colors to Flash  
       importing next moment in time   2nd   3rd  
       large-format presentation boards  
       moving from FreeHand to Flash   2nd   3rd   4th  
       organizing imported objects   2nd   3rd  
       overview of   2nd  
       sketching intro animation   2nd   3rd  

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