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F5 (Insert Frame)  
F6 (Insert Keyframe)  
F7 (Insert Blank Keyframe)  
F8 (Convert to Symbol)  
fade and float out
       Manning poem   2nd  
        letters   2nd   3rd  
faking tweens  
Featured Animation button (ManiFestival site)   2nd  
File menu commands
       Export Movie  
       Publish Settings  
file setup
       20k ads   2nd   2nd  
file-loading issue
       ManiFestival site   2nd  
       cleaning up  
Fill Color button  
film edit effects  
film grain texture, adding
       Macromedia Shockzone   2nd   3rd  
Filters command (Clip menu)  
Firewire video capture   2nd   3rd   4th  
Flash 4 compared to Flash 3  
Flash Export dialog (FreeHand)  
Flash Kit site  
Flash text
       adding to video
        2nd   3rd  
FlashLite site  
FlashZone site  
focus of message
forward slash
Frame command (Insert menu)  
Frame command (Modify menu)  
Frame Properties dialog   2nd  
       Go To and Play option  
frame rate  
frame rates
       adding to text   2nd   3rd  
       setting up for animated text   2nd  
       advantages of  
       exporting colors to Flash
               LundstromARCH project  
       moving to Flash from
               LundstromARCH project   2nd   3rd   4th  
       presentation process and   2nd  
       sketching intro animation   2nd   3rd  
FreeHand 8
       cleaning up client art using  
       designing grid elements in   2nd   3rd  
freezing motion for effect
       3D objects   2nd   3rd  

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