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Design in Motion

This site, presented by the Broadcaster Designers Association, is a plethora of motion graphics inspiration. See the latest broadcast spots, film trailers , and video for the web. Solid interviews with the designers pretty good technical info .


Craig, Carah, Hillary, Michael, and company keep this site at the top of my list. It's creative, inspiring , and subversive all at once. There's something here for everyone. I like the sections rsubox (streaming DV shorts), typographic (a beautiful interactive look into typography), and disinformation the best.

Born Magazine

Web design and literature. Done right.


Good looking and smart plenty of design news and links.

Design Agency

This is a portal of sorts, showcasing new design talent.


I know Terry through e- mails , and he seems like a nice guy the work he does with his wife is exceptional and inspiring.

Imaginary Forces

The legendary Kyle Cooper's company. This is the guy who got me really into motion graphics. His site has good examples of his huge body of work.


My old pals from San Francisco. They are really clever with concepts, and they just keep growing and cranking out the good work.

Bionic Arts



One of my favorites. A site dedicated to inspirational design and designers.


Just visit this site to subscribe to this exceptional DV magazine.


This is another great site that showcases new work from designers all over the world.


Matt Owens is a design freak. He's a brother from another planet with this stuff if you know what I mean. Great inspiration. Great guy.

Lynda Weinman

Lynda is simply the best teacher out there her site is a great resource.

Saul Bass on the Web

These folks from the U.K. have put together a killer site on the master and, some could argue, the originator of motion graphics, Saul Bass.

Akimbo Design

Ardith Iba ±ez and Ben Rigby have a good thing going here. Great designer married to a super programmer.

JUXT Interactive

Todd Purgason wrote Chapter 9 in this book, so you have probably seen some of his work and don't need me to tell you how beautiful it is. Check out his company site there's always new stuff, new inspiration.

Orange Design

Fred Sharples wrote Chapter 8 in this book. He and his wife, Pam, cannot be touched for designing deeply interactive Flash sites and advertisements. Very simply the best at Flash programming.

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