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Colin Moock

First and foremost, is my little homie Colin Moock. He's not really my "little homie," since I have never actually met Colin. Still, his site has definitely "got my back" more than once. (I'm listening to the late, great Tupac now, which explains the tone of this entry.) This is the best Flash troubleshooting and programming site around. I don't know how he does it, but every time I run into a problem like, how to launch a sized browser from Flash, or how to close a browser from Flash, or how to check for the Flash plug-in without using Java I go to and the solution is there. Not only does Colin explain things in a clear and comprehendible way, he actually has source files there for download. Priceless.

Flash Kit

http://www. flashkit .com

Excellent site here. These guys have a ton of downloadable files, tutorials, sound loops , and whatnot. Plus they have a link out to the Hunger Site. Hats off!


Again, a site with plenty of useful Flash 4 tips and techniques.


Cool stuff here. A great all-around resource for everything Flash.


Of course the Macromedia site offers great tutorials, technotes, and links to developers.

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