process overview

To get a better sense of how Juxt Interactive handles the workflow, take a look at this overview of the process:

  • Strategy in FreeHand. After we've initially met with the clients and done the appropriate analysis of the clients 'problem, we develop a strategy and architecture for the project. Using FreeHand, we create the site architecture and interaction diagrams that structurally and functionally illustrate to the clients how the site works and what it consists of.

  • Site design concept. We focus on creating the key screens or frames ”what I refer to as "moments in time." Quite often, I'll create a central moment in time that's at the core of an animation and then work backward and forward from there. It's similar to building your resolve screen first and then making all the steps that lead up to it. However, at this stage, only the most important moments are represented.

  • Presentation boards . The presentation boards are designed using the assets created during the initial two phases. Because those assets were built with FreeHand, going to print results in high-quality output.

  • Screen layout comps posted to web. After the clients sign off on the concept, we lay out each page in the entire project and export the pages from FreeHand as JPEGs. These JPEGs are posted to our development extranet for the clients to review and approve.

  • SWF export. The FreeHand comps are exported as SWF files in stages to retain backgrounds and foreground elements, as well as text blocks and text as paths.

  • Animation and interactivity. In Flash, animation and interactivity are added to the static imported images. Each moment in time is treated like a keyframe and additional frames are tweened and created as needed.

  • Promotion. We typically return to the original FreeHand layouts to leverage creative assets to be used in print-based promotional pieces for the project.

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