how FreeHand makes this all happen

The amazing thing for us is that the creative assets used in our large-format presentation boards are just a gathering together of sketches created in the conceptualization of the design solution. I have worked in FreeHand for years; it works very well with vector and raster graphics, and I have found it to be an ideal partner to Flash in our development and concepting process. The importance of FreeHand cannot be overemphasized. Although Flash is spectacular at what it does, FreeHand has over 10 years of R&D that was focused on refining the usability and power of its vector-based tools. I can quickly and easily start developing ideas in FreeHand, sketching out concept work that I know can go straight into Flash for animating once the concept is approved. While in FreeHand, I can leverage its powerful typography and illustration tools to quickly get the design from my head to the screen. Most importantly, I am able to use FreeHand's multipage tool to lay out moments in time; I can visually study how an animation will work without the time investment of motion effects carried out in Flash at such an early stage. The great thing about it is that when I'm finished sketching and studying the design, I have these great creative assets that can quickly be collected onto a presentation board and outputted for presentation to the clients .

Once the clients have been blown away and have approved the concept, I go back to my FreeHand files knowing that I already have a great head start on production with these assets in FreeHand. FreeHand has a great SWF exporter that takes my layouts into Flash, perfectly preserving my design and automatically creating Flash symbols for optimization in the process.

The way I see it, I don't have two applications with FreeHand and Flash ”I have this great development tool that, when effectively leveraged, makes me more creative and more productive, and gives my clients peace of mind.

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