Like many small business, partners with a variety of companies from time to time. One of our most fruitful partnerships has been with Juxt Interactive, a web design and development company based in Newport Beach, California. Juxt outputs some really superb Flash pieces and has developed many techniques worth passing on. One of its most established and far-reaching practices is key for us: getting the business.

Juxt Interactive, and particularly its creative director, Todd Purgason, have developed a method of presenting approaches to a client that is remarkably effective. Even more importantly, its presentation process leads directly into production ”significantly smoothing the workflow. Think about the following:

First do creative concepts in an illustration tool, in our case FreeHand 8, take those creative concepts, output them in print form, post them directly to the web, and also be ready to port many of the elements directly into Flash. How cool is that? Your clients get hard copies of your creative concepts and they get the same concepts posted on the web should they need to share with their co-workers in another office and you have elements from those same concepts that can be imported directly into Flash. Naturally we've ripped off this process, lock, stock, and barrel, from Todd and team and are now in a position to make a hostile takeover bid of Todd's company Juxt Interactive. I'm kidding of course, but the fact remains: Every time we have used the process Todd details in this chapter, we have gotten the job.

I first met Todd Purgason at the 1998 Macromedia User conference. The conference planners had scheduled Todd and me to share a session. I think the session was called "Flash and FreeHand, The Two Amigos." Todd and I spent the couple of hours prior to the session getting to know each other and planning our talk. By the time we were on stage, we had developed a rapport that was natural and the session went great. Later, Todd told me about his company and this process it had developed for winning clients. It may have been the most valuable information I got from the conference and I knew I had to get it into the book.

In this chapter, Todd details this process, which moves from the client presentation developed in FreeHand to production in Flash as exemplified in the deconstruction of one of their award-winning sites, LundstromArts. Take it away, Todd

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