Chapter 12. Working with Files


Fortunately for us developers, ColdFusion MX gives us many opportunities to leverage the file system, the network servers, and even the system registry when we need to build a certain feature into our applications.

In this chapter, we look at how we can use ColdFusion MX to read, write, edit, and manage files on our server. We'll also discover how we can use ColdFusion to gain access to other servers through the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

In addition, we'll look at expanding our interaction with the file system by using CFDIRECTORY, CFREGISTRY, and scheduled tasks both within the ColdFusion Administrator and within our ColdFusion Markup Language (CFML) code.

All these methods involve ColdFusion interacting in some way with your server or another server to make your application more powerful and feature-filled. In the developer's world, that's always a good thing.

Inside ColdFusion MX
Inside Coldfusion MX
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