LSNumberFormat (number [, mask]) 


Formats a number in a specific locale format. The following characters can be used for the mask.

  • _ (underscore) Digit placeholder.

  • Nine-digit placeholder Shows decimal places more clearly than an underscore.

  • . Location of a mandatory decimal point (or locale-appropriate symbol).

  • 0 Located to the left or right of a mandatory decimal point. Pads with zeros.

  • ( ) If number is less than zero, puts parentheses around the mask.

  • + Puts a plus sign before positive number, a minus sign before negative number.

  • - Puts a space before a positive number, a minus sign before a negative number.

  • , Separates every third decimal place with a comma.

  • L,C Left-justifies or center-justifies the number within the width of the mask column. The first character of mask must be L or C. Default: right-justified.

  • $ Puts a dollar sign (or locale-appropriate symbol) before formatted number. First character of mask must be the dollar sign ($).

  • ^ Separates left and right formatting.


 <cfoutput>    #LSNumberFormat(-1674.872, "_________") #    #LSNumberFormat(-1674.872, "_________.___")#    #LSNumberFormat(1674.872, "_________")#    #LSNumberFormat(1674.872, "_________.___")#    #LSNumberFormat(1674.872, "$_(_________.___)")#    #LSNumberFormat(-1674.872, "$_(_________.___)")#    #LSNumberFormat(1674.872, "+_________.___")#    #LSNumberFormat(1674.872, "-_________.___")#  </cfoutput>  

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