In this chapter, we've looked at ways in which you can develop code for modularization and reuse. We've talked about using CFINCLUDE, CFML custom tags, and CFX tags to create code that can be reused quickly and easily throughout your ColdFusion applications.

We have also explored UDFs using both CFSCRIPT and CFFUNCTION. As you have seen, UDFs let you create simple functions to very complex encapsulated algorithms for dealing with a variety of problems and situations. Proper use of UDFs can enable you to create libraries of useful functions that you can call upon to simplify your development cycle and to write cleaner and easier-to-understand code.

A great resource for more information on UDFs and UDF libraries is at This is a repository for ColdFusion UDFs set up by Raymond Camden and Rob Brooks-Bilson. You'll find all sorts of great UDFs that you might find useful in development or as further examples. You might even want to start submitting your own!

Inside ColdFusion MX
Inside Coldfusion MX
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