<cfgridupdate          grid = "gridname"          dataSource = "data source name"          tableName = "table name"          username = "data source username"          password = "data source password"          tableOwner = "table owner"          tableQualifier = "qualifier"          keyOnly = "Yes" or "No"> 


This tag enables a direct input with the data source by updating the edited grid data. This tag applies delete row actions first, then insert row actions, and then update row actions. If it encounters an error, it stops processing rows.


grid (Required)

Name of the CFGRID that is the source for the update action.

dataSource (Required)

Name of the data source for the update action.

tableName (Required)

Name of the table to update. For ORACLE drivers, entry must be in all uppercase. For Sybase drivers, entry is case-sensitive.

username (Optional)

Overrides username value specified in the ODBC settings.

password (Optional)

Overrides password value specified in the ODBC settings.

tableOwner (Optional)

Table owner, if supported.

tableQualifier (Optional)

Table qualifier, if supported.


Default: No

  • Yes. The WHERE criteria are limited to the key values.

  • No. The WHERE criteria include key values and the original values of the changed fields.

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