<cfcomponent>          extends ...          output = "yes" or "no"     <cffunction ...>          ...     </cffunction>  </cfcomponent> 


This is the tag used to create ColdFusion components (CFC) and is saved as a CFC file. It may contain additional functionality that within CFFUNCTION tags that define methods. All code that is not contained within CFFUNCTION tags is executed when the CFC is first called. A component can be invoked in several ways including from a CFINVOKE tag, from a URL, from within CFScript, through a web service, or from Flash code.


extends (Optional)

Name of parent component from which to inherit methods and properties. If not used, the component inherits the methods and properties of ColdFusion.

output (Optional)

Yes: Suppresses component method output.

No: Permits component method output.

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