<cfcollection          action = "action"          collection = "collection_name"          path = "path_of_verity_directory"          language = "language"          name = "queryname"> 


This tag is used to create a collection that can be searched with the Verity search engine. External collections can be created using a native Verity indexing tool, such as Vspider or MKVDK.


action (Optional)

Default: list

  • create. Creates and maps a directory for a collection, which is made up of the path attribute value and the collection attribute value.

  • repair. Fixes data corruption in a collection. This action must be completed before another action on the collection can begin.

  • delete. Deletes a map to a collection.

  • optimize. Optimizes the structure and contents of a collection for searching.

  • list. Gets the attributes of one or more collections. The returned value is one row per collection.

collection (Required)

Sets the collection name, which can include spaces.

path (Required if action = "create")

Absolute path to a Verity collection. The value to provide depends on the action attribute. If action=create, supply the directory path to the collection.

language (Optional)

Default: english. Other languages can be used but this requires the appropriate (European or Asian) Verity Locales language pack.

name (Required if action = "list")

Name for the query results returned by the list action.

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