<cfchartseries          type="type"          query="queryName"          itemColumn="queryColumn"          valueColumn="queryColumn"          seriesLabel="Label Text"          seriesColor="Hex value or Web color"          paintStyle="plain, raise, shade, light"          markerStyle="style"          colorlist = "list">  </cfchartseries> 


Used with the CFCHART tag. This tag defines the way the chart is displayed. Options include bar, line, pie, and so on.


type (Required)

Display styles include bar, line, pyramid, area, cone, curve, cylinder, step, scatter, and pie.

query (Optional)

Name of ColdFusion query from which to get data.

itemColumn (Required)

If the query attribute is used, this is the name of a column from the query that contains the item label to graph. If the query attribute is used, this is the name of a column from the query. This column should contain the values to graph.

seriesLabel (Optional)

Text of data series label.

seriesColor (Optional)

Color of the main element (such as the bars) of a chart. For a pie chart this will be the color of the first slice.

Default: plain

  • plain. Solid color.

  • raise. The appearance of a button.

  • shade. Gradient fill (that is darker at the edges).

  • light. A lighter shade of color.

markerStyle (Optional)

Default: rectangle

Other icon options include triangle, diamond, circle, letterx, mcross, snow, and rcross.

colorlist (Optional)

Applies if chart series type attribute = "pie"; sets the pie slice colors. This should be a comma-delimited list of hex values or web colors.

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