Chapter11.Sharing and Securing Information

Chapter 11. Sharing and Securing Information

Now that you've got an XP network in place, it's time you put it to work. You'll do that by sharing the resources of one computer to others in the network.

But what is a resource? Resources are the software objectsthe folders, the printers, you know, the "stuff"on your computer that are made available to other users. Most often, when we talk about resources, we're talking about files and folders stored on our fixed disks. Resources can also be printers, CD drives, DVD drives, or just about any other storage medium.

Usually, once a resource is shared, security becomes a concern. This chapter will look at not only the mechanics of sharing resources on the network, but also how to make sure those resources are only accessed in the ways you specify.

Further, we will examine how to connect to those network resources made available through Windows XP sharing. We will even touch on how to access Windows resources from an Apple Macintosh computer.

You make a software resource available from a server on your network. This, of course, begs an essential question.

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