Request Remote Assistance

The Novice initiates a Remote Assistance session by sending a Remote Assistance Invitation. This is done by launching the Help and Support Center and choosing the first task listed under the "Ask for Assistance" section. After clicking this task, the next window lets you send out the request, as shown in Figure 9-12.

Figure 9-12. Sending a Remote Assistance request.

You have three options here: Windows Messenger (which requires both parties to be signed into Windows Messenger), Email (Outlook or Outlook Express), or to save the invitation as a file.

The Expert then receives the request and by accepting the invitation will be able to see the Novice's computer in a window. If remote control has been enabled, the Expert will be able to interact with the Novice's system.

Note that Windows Firewall will open up the necessary ports for the Remote Assistance session. This does not mean the router in your home office will do the same. You can set things up properly on the Windows side and still not be able to use Remote Assistance without tweaking your router. Refer to your manufacturer's documentation for assistance with this task.

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