Solving Audio Distortion Problems

As you're editing, it's important to listen for audio problems, because FCP can't "hear" bad audio the way your ears can. It might tell you when the audio clips or causes a certain level of distortion, but it can't tell you that your mixes aren't perfect, or that there was noise in your original recordings.

If you hear problems, such as audio artifacts (clicking, beeping, stuttering, scratching), unexpectedly high audio levels, or a lack of filtering effects during playback, investigate what might be causing these problems. For help in this investigation, consult the following table, which will point you toward the possible cause of your problem and the section you can read to find out how to fix it.

Audio Distortion Problems at a Glance

Type of Problem


Possible Cause


Audio artifacts occur during playback

#1: Clicks, beeps, or stuttering during playback in Viewer or sequence

Capture settings don't match actual sample rate for content being captured

Correct your capture settings; page 756


#2: Artifacts occur during playback in a sequence; green line visible above clip in Timeline

Sequence settings don't match capture settings for all clips edited into the Timeline

Match sample rates of sequence clips; page 757


#3: Imported audio clips click and stutter during playback

Audio clips are compressed as MP3 or MP4

Convert audio clips to an uncompressed format, page 759


#4: Imported MP3 and MP4 files click and stutter, iTunes Music Store downloads won't import

File formats not supported by FCP

Use supported file formats; page 760

High audio levels during playback

#1: Loud playback despite setting optimal levels when shooting

Clips were captured as non-stereo and waveform interference is boosting total audio level

Relink mono channels as stereo; page 761

Playback unaffected by audio filters

#1: Changes to filter settings seem to have no effect on output

Clips were captured as non-stereo, so filters apply to one channel only

Apply filters to both channels; page 764

Audio sounds tinny during playback

#1: Audio playback sounds thin and tinny

Audio digitized using low sample rate or bit depth

Resample the original audio files; page 765

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