8.3 Deleting Cookies

You will probably find it easier to experiment with the examples in this chapter if you periodically delete your cookies (or at least the cookies that are associated with localhost or whatever host your server is running on).

To delete your cookies in Internet Explorer, start at the Tools menu and select Internet Options. To delete all cookies, press Delete Cookies. To selectively delete cookies, press Settings, then View Files (cookie files have names that begin with Cookie: , but it is easier to find them if you choose Delete Files before View Files). See Figure 8-2.

Figure 8-2. Deleting cookies in Internet Explorer and Netscape.


To delete your cookies in Netscape, start at the Edit menu, then choose Preferences, Privacy and Security, and Cookies. Press the Manage Stored Cookies button to view or delete any or all of your cookies. Again, see Figure 8-2.

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