Section 67. About FormBuddy

67. About FormBuddy


6 About Proper HTML Coding

To process forms, you need to have a form processor . There are a number of ways to access one. Most professional sites use heavy-duty databases and application servers such as ASP.NET, PHP , and ColdFusion . You can also use scripts written in Perl . Both sets of alternatives are beyond the scope of this book because you need to be able to program in the different languages, which are much more complex than HTML. So, you are going to use one of the alternativesa third-party form processor called FormBuddy , which is free but supported by placing ads on the page with your form.

In your browser, go to . has a very good explanation of the service on the front page. From here you have options to sign up, view the FAQs , or get instructions to add FormBuddy to your site.

The FormBuddy front page.

We are going to set up the service in the next task.

The instructions on using FormBuddy fit on the first half of one single page. After you sign up for the service, you are going to copy this code and paste it into your page to enable the form to handle the data in the form.

The FAQ is very useful and, if you decide to use the service, it explains how to upgrade to the FormBuddy Gold service if you would like to eliminate the advertising that FormBuddy's free service adds to the page.

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