Section 68. Set Up FormBuddy

68. Set Up FormBuddy


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64 About Forms

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66 Add Components to the Form

67 About FormBuddy


48 Use the HTML Views

After you read the FAQs and instructions for FormBuddy, all you have to do is sign up for the service and follow the directions that are given.

Sign Up for FormBuddy

Sign up for FormBuddy by clicking on the option link you'd like to use. I am selecting the Free option. Read through the terms and then click on I Agree .

In the User Registration screen, enter your email address, click on the Submit button, and a confirmation email will be sent to you.

Confirm Your FormBuddy Account Registration

To confirm your registration, you have to click on the link sent in the email so that FormBuddy can figure out that you are a real person signing up for the service with an address and not an automatic service of some sort . Check the email account that you registered and click on the link to

Set the Form Settings

Fill in the form and be sure to set the URL to your site correctly. For me, that would be You also have the choice of leaving the data on the server or emailing the data from the form to you. Select to have it emailed to you. You can always change that later if you want.

68. Set Up FormBuddy.

For FormBuddy to work you have to have the same URL in the form as you have in the registration and that has to be the location where the page resides.

Register Your FormBuddy Settings

Click on the Register button.

Now FormBuddy is set up for you on the server and is ready to go.

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