Section 194. Republish Your Blog

194. Republish Your Blog


182 Build a Blog Through the Wizard


189 Edit Your Blog from the Dashboard

190 Add a Post

191 Change Settings

192 Change Templates

You need to republish your blog to make the options you change stick in some cases. You can either republish one page or your whole site. If you publish just the page you are working on, you might have some pages that don't reflect the changes. Specifically, if you change your template and have several posts online already, you'll want to republish your whole site so that you can apply the new templates to each post's page on your site.

Click on Any of the Views in the Settings Tab

At the bottom of each view is a button to save the changes to the site.

Click on Save Changes.

Your page redraws, and at the top there are now two buttons . The Republish button will republish your entire site and apply whatever changes you made to the settings and templates to all the pages on the site.

If you click on the second button, Republish Index , only the main page of the site will be updated.

194. Republish Your Blog

Click on Republish or Republish Index

Use the Republish Index option when you have modified a single post or changed an option that is going to appear in your profile or in only one page of the site. If you are doing anything you think might involve more than one page, use the Republish button. The only reason not to use the Republish button would be to avoid the delay waiting for the republishing to finish. As your blog grows the number of pages, republishing takes longer and longer.

Click on the View Blog Link

When you change your settings, you should take the time to go to the page and view it in the browser to be sure the changes you made work the way you want.

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