Section 193. Limit Who Can Comment on Your Blog

193. Limit Who Can Comment on Your Blog


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There are several options for allowing people to comment on your postings. You can permit anyone to comment, which allows a wide audience, but you are likely to get comments from people who are only posting to cause problems because there is no accountability for anonymous posters . You can limit postings to people who are registered with, which is still a large group of people, or you can limit postings to members of your team. To set up a team, see 199 Enable Your Blog for Team Blogging .

Navigate to Your Comments Options

Select the Settings tab and, after this is done, select the Comments tab.

Configure Your Comments Options

By default, comments are set to show. If this option is turned off, your posts will appear with no comments below them. Consider what's best for your blogs and choose the best option for you. If you are just starting out, seeing zero comments can be more insulting than helpful.

Set the Who Can Comment Drop- Down

If the Who Can Comment drop-down is set to Anyone , anyone can comment on a post with total anonymity, which gives you the best reach for your blog and encourages the highest level of participation.

If you limit the comments to members only, you will have comments from the community (which is large). However, your customers or friends might not be members, so this option is not as attractive as letting Anyone comment.

The third option is to only allow team members to post to your blog. This option enables you to limit the people who can post to a minimum. The advantage is that you can allow this same group to post as well, so you create a team blogging application that you can use for a work group to brainstorm and work together without having outside users comment back.

Decide what is best for you and make the correct setting.

193. Limit Who Can Comment on Your Blog

Set the Default for Posts

When you set the Default for Posts to not have comments, new posts won't have comments in them until you edit the specific post and allow comments, which you can do from the Posting tab and the Edit Posts view. This enables you to edit comments before they're read by others.

This is a good compromise if you want comments, but not on every post. It also allows you to deal with hecklers effectively.

If you leave the default to New Posts Have Comments , you can turn them off on a case-by-case basis for each post on the Posting tab, Edit Posts view.

Enter Your Email Address

Enter your email address in the Comment Notification Address field. Press Save Settings and then republish your blog.

When you add a Comment Notification Address , you can specify where Blogger will send copies of each comment that is posted to your server. For a while, it is useful to have on so that you know when you get a comment. Later, as you get more and more comments, you might want to turn off this option so you don't drown in email.

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